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May+The Earth+Go+Zero Carbon=MAYGO POOL

Justin is a child from the famous West Lake in Hangzhou city.He eager to live under the blue water and blue sky.

While working in USA in 1991,he met a friend Anson by chance who exposed Justin the swimming pool pump products firstly.Then he developed a strong interest in pool products .

At the same time,he respects the environment and he love the earth.In order for all those who love life to better enjoy the happiness and joy brought by the swimming pool,Justin hopes to produce more energy-saving and efficient products which gradually reaching Carbon Neutrality and finally achieving zero carbon emission.Since then,the world of Justin's swimming pool products has opened up.

Due to the lack of experience in the actual use of the products,Justin had a long period of exploration in the process of research and development.However,through repeated experiments and customer's help,he finally developed a series of products successfully and won the recognition of many customers.


Maygo Factory

MAYGO brand belongs to Hangzhou Maygo Pool Technology Co.,Ltd has achieved remarkable international reputation in the both residential and commercial swimming pool industry.Started as the OEM/ODM manufacturer for world famous brand like DVN,Hiwater.Maygo now is capable to provide a one-stop supply chain solution for partners with better price & better quality including pool pumps,pool filters,filtration system,cleaning equipment,heating pump,pool accessories,etc.

Maygo Production

With the vision of"Zero Carbon Pool Solution",most of our products be manufactured in New Zero Carbon Technology Zone.Maygo invested 5% of the profit in R&D center to provide higher efficiency and more energy saving products.Some advanced products already equipped Industry 4.0 Robot.With more than 20000 square meters workshops which consist of motor workshops,blow molding workshops,mold workshops,assembling workshops and hardware & accessories workshops.Maygo's self-productivities rate is over 90%.

Euro R&D Center

We are technology-driven company and built a R&D Center in Spain.

Over 30 senior and junior mechanical and electrical engineers who have more than 10 years experience commit to a much more advanced products.Currently Maygo holds over 36 patents in various swimming pool products and has became one of the leading brand in pool equipment industry.

Quality Control

Maygo lab has already passed CANS and ila-MRA certification which prove our quality control level.

The company has passed ISO9001,ISO14000 certifications as well as global market access certification like CE,CCC,ETL,SAA,ROHS,UL

Experienced Pool Water Filtration Equipment Solution

Pool Equipment Solution With 30 Years Experience

MAYGO POOL focusing on providing professional technical solutions for residential and commercial pool. At present, we have provided pool solutions for thousands of customers from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and so on.

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In Ground Pool Water Filtration Solution

Above Ground Pool Water Filtration Solution

Residential Pool Water Filtration Solution

Commercial Pool Water Filtration Solution

SPA Water Filtration Solution

Fountain Water Filtration Solution

MAYGO POOL R&D And Manufacturing Strength

MAYGO POOL has engineers and mold manufacturing team that have profound experience in electronic mechanical and CFD hydraulic design. They are fully committed to research and development. MAYGO has obtained a number of patents, as well as CE,SAA,ETL,CCC,CANS certifications.

Since established,MAYGO POOL has been successfully developed main parts of CFD hydraulic design,impeller.Our product range including pool pump,sand filter,cartridge filter,filtratation system and pool accessories.Products are constantly updated and iterated, with more functions and more choices.

In order to ensure product and performance’s continuous improvement, MAYGO POOL is looking forward to your communication and assistance in products’ optimization. Make sure that you will have better market competitiveness.

Customers' Success Is The Goal Of Maygo Pool
MAYGO POOL mainly serves online e-commerce (Amazon, independent websites, Ebay, etc.), wholesalers and brand customers.

Customize Your Own Products

Common ideas + MAYGO POOL R&D technology = Your Exclusive product

MAYGO POOL's R&D team can help you develop your own products together.

The exclusive products customized by MAYGO POOL for customers enhance their market competitiveness.

Market Protection

MAYGO POOL supports and protects customers who share a common philosophy.

For the same market, MAYGO POOL provides effective market protection mechanism for customers to avoid vicious competition.

Service Support


1. MAYGO POOL provide inventory of hot products for customers to ensure rapid delivery.

2. MAYGO POOL develops exclusive products for customers.


  • 1. HD images
  • 2. Installation, use and after-sales video without LOGO
  • 3. Detailed instructions.

Anyone who buys products and meets any after-sales problems can contact with MAYGO POOL at any time.

MAYGO Culture


Zero Carbon Pool Solution

May+The Earth+Go+Zero Carbon=MAYGO POOL


We Care Earth

We only have one earth.


Pool brings more healthy & happiness to family


MAYGO will try best to make small contributions to achieve Zero Carbon Emission


To be honest


IE5 PMSM Variable Speed Pool Pump

  • IE5 Saving 80% VS traditional pump

  • PMSM means Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • IP55 protection grade with integrated air duct design

  • Power supply: single-phase voltage:220±10% with frequency:50/60Hz.

  • Modular design and easy to install and maintain.

In Groud High Efficiency Pool Pump

  • Euro R&D Designed hydraulic and impeller

  • Graphite/Silicon Carbide maede mechanical seal

  • Protection class:IP55

  • Insulation class: F

  • Built-in overheat protection short circuit device

IHot Sale PE Plastic Sand Filter

  • Compact and light weight

  • Designed for most swimming pools or SPA pools

  • Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation

  • Easy-to-use multiport valve lets you select any of the valve/filter operation with a simple lever-action

  • Color can be customized

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